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Mattone Investors focuses on development and re-development opportunities and asset acquisitions designed to create value and to improve and revitalize communities. Our holdings currently include 43 assets with a diverse tenant/asset class mix and very low leverage, ensuring long term stability in all market conditions. We maintain a steady, hands-on approach in a constantly evolving marketplace, using conservative thinking to make prudent investment and reinvestment decisions that yield the highest appreciation of value. We utilize our in-depth knowledge of property operations and systems to ensure each property operates as efficiently and sustainably as possible.


The firm also has a long and successful track record in executing complex public/private development projects and is highly experienced in working with local stakeholders, government agencies, and community groups to achieve the goals of all parties. The company understands the imperative to be flexible in undertaking public/private development projects and possesses the skills, expertise, and perseverance that are vital to succeeding over the long term.


At Mattone Investors, we invest in property and we invest in people. We strive to improve both the landscape of the communities in which we build and the lives of the people who live and work there. The company is served by a team of seasoned real estate professionals whose average tenure at the firm is over 23 years. In all our endeavors, we continue to hold true to the values of our founder to operate with honesty, integrity, and fortitude.

Mission Statement

The mission of Mattone Investors is to utilize our expertise, vision, and capability to grow a diversified, high-quality portfolio of real estate assets in the New York Metropolitan area. Our nearly six decades of proven investment strategies include:

  • Create value by leveraging economic development processes and utilizing the best resources of the public and private sectors;

  • Concentrate on asset acquisition, development and re-development opportunities within the New York Metropolitan area;

  • Create synergistic investment opportunities arising from such concentrations;

  • Diversify equity into a mixture of asset classes including office, retail, residential and industrial properties.

We believe this approach will ensure that we will have a strong, stable, growing portfolio for future generations.

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